Friday, February 13, 2009

The "Girls"

Dharma, resting on the couch after a bath.

She cleans up pretty good!

Hazel decided to tease Dharma by squeaking her ball, and it didn't take long for Dharma to jump in on the fun and start playing with Haze. This lasted a good half hour or so. We were starting to get tired of hearing the "Squeak! Squeak! Squeak!"

Hazel taking a breather after her bath and playtime with Dharma.
She has a different coat than Dharma, it's coarser which I kind of like.
It dries faster and seems to be resistant to matting around her elbows and legs.
She's such a cute pup! We're still debating on cropping her ears, but we'll probably end up having them done. I don't think they really look like a schnauzer until their ears are cropped.

Bowling Fun!

We decided to have a family night and took Wyatt to the "Bowling Alley-gator" (that's what he was calling it). He's never been bowling before and we had a great time. We played two games and each time he ended up scoring a 73. Not bad for a 2 year old! And we didn't even use the gutter bumpers - although I think Adam's and my game would have greatly improved if we did!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Lucas' biggest fan

Little did Lucas know, but he has a fan club!

About once a week I get asked "Mom, we go watch Lucas play basketball?" So we've been attending some of the home games to watch our cousin's son play (and to support the rest of the blackbirds of course!). Wyatt, with some assistance from mom or course, typed up the sign he was holding. He hunted down each of the letters on the keyboard and found almost all of them by himself!

I'm really impressed as to how well he watches the basketball games, I was afraid this year I'd have to miss them because he wouldn't sit still, but he's really surprised me. Sure we have to bring some toys, and he goes from lap to lap but he really does enjoy watching them play.

And of course Wyatt has a fan club of his own! Here he is with Kate. (Thanks for taking him for a stroll Kate!)