Friday, December 28, 2007

It's a girl!!!!

Meet the newest addition to our household! Dharma whelped at 3:30 today and we have a new little girl! Have a look.

Wyatt turns 1 - YEAH!!!!!

Wyatt had his 1st birthday on Dec 27. We had just the family over and enjoyed a small party together. There was dinner, followed by presents and finally cake and icecream. Wyatt got his own little "smash cake". Things started off slow as he sampled a tiny piece of frosting, then a little more... and finally he just laid into it! He had so much fun!

To make the day and even bigger event - Wyatt took his FIRST STEPS! (I did the same thing on my first birthday! Way to go kiddo!)

It's kind of bittersweet. I think to myself, "Wow, my little boy is growing up!" I'm so proud of what he's learned so far, and it's amazing to see him grow and develop. Then I think again "Oh No! My little boy is growing up!" He's not going to be this little baby anymore who I can hold, cuddle and read books to. I'm going to miss all of that when he finally gets too big. But for now, I'll just hold on as tight as I can and enjoy every moment that I have with my "little" boy.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

The Duck Says...

Wyatt is learning his animals sounds... the puppy says "woo woo" and the duck says - well click the video below to find out what the duck says. Don't worry, it's G rated! :)

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Almost 1

Well it's been almost a year now since Wyatt was born. I can't believe it. He's gone from this tiny little baby who just ate and slept to this tiny litte boy who wants to do it all!

I've enjoyed the past few months here where he's really started to make some big changes. You can see his personality starting to come through. It's amazing. On one hand I love watching him grow up, but for every "big boy" thing that he does, it feels like I'm losing part of my little baby.

Here are a couple of video clips for you to enjoy!

Monday, November 26, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

Well Thankgiving is over. We all ate too much, but had a great time doing it! It's so great to be able to get together with family and friends during the Holidays. I took time to think about it the other day and I feel sorry for other's who's families don't get together like ours does. We really are lucky.

Well - I hope you enjoy the photos from the festivities! Click on the photos and they'll open up larger versions.

Wyatt & Leah Playing

The aftermath of too much turkey.

Wyatt enjoying his first Thanksgiving Feast!
Turkey, Mashed Potatoes, Green Beans, Dressing & Dinner Rolls! YUMMY!

Leah enjoyed her dinner too!

The 2007 Additions to the family.

Dennis and his one of a kind Lonna-T.
I think this should become the offical family uniform.

Don't let this picture fool you.
They're not watching football, they're deeply into the DOG SHOW. (Just kidding)

The Grandkids
We were all here but Sherri.

The Grandkids and Spouses/Significant Others

The Great Grandkids
(The family is so big, we have to take photos in "sets")

Trouble X 4!

Yes Lonna, that is an OHIO STATE BUCKEYE Shirt.
You know, that team that beat MICHIGAN.

The Sisters and Spouses.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

More Scrappin!

A few weeks ago the weather was absolutely beautiful when I picked Wyatt up from Ruth's so I busted out the camera, turned him lose and started snapping. I got some adorable photos and decided to scrap them. I'm still working on his book and hope to have it finished for December. My goal is to do one book for every year. I'm pretty sure I'll accomplish this! :)

At there are weekly challenges. This week's Create it! Collect it! challenge was to take the Kit "PenChant" and make a quick page out of it (a quick page is sort of a template for people to use - they just drop their photos in). So here is my submission, plus what the page looks like after I finished it out with pictures, journaling and emblishments. I really think it turned out nice! The more pages I digitally scrap, the more I get hooked!

Monday, August 27, 2007

Puffs & Power Lines

Friday started off as any normal day, Adam and I went to work, Wyatt went to the sitters. After we all got home we went to Mariachi's in Wauseon for dinner with my parents. As we finished the storm started to roll in (it was really interesting, I wish I would have had my camera on me). We got to mom & dads and it started to dump rain, so we figured we'd hang out there. I fed Wyatt his dinner and then gave him is favorite.... FRUIT PUFFS! He's doing so well eating finger foods now and can get them into his mouth like a champ!

Shortly after Wyatt's meal mom and dad's phone rang. It was our neighbors calling because they couldn't find us -- our tree was on FIRE! Adam and I rushed home to find this...

The wind had nocked down our electrical pole and it was stuck in the tree. It continued to burn the whole time, off and on. No one lost power surprisingly.

We couldn't get in the house until Edison arrived, wich wasn't until 9:30ish. The firemen were great, they let us stay in the truck when it started raining again. They even offered us dinner (they ordered pizza from Mom's Diner).

Edison finally got done at 2:30am! I stayed the night with Wyatt at Mom & Dad's - Adam stayed at home to keep an eye on things.

The pole that went down was damaged about a mont ago when a drunk driver crashed into it at 2:30 am. Edison said they would come out and fix it, but never did. I'm betting if they would have done so the first time around, we wouldn't have had this problem!

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Visiting the family

Wyatt and Mom had to stop out to Debbie's for a "computer service call". All three kids got together for a pose and Deb snapped some shots. I thought this was ADORABLE!

Friday, August 3, 2007

Digital Scrapbooking

Okay, so I've got myself a new hobby. I enjoy scrapbooking but it's just so time consuming. Plus, if you cut a paper too short, or don't measure right, you've got to go buy more paper! I've just started to do digital scrapbooking, as you can see from the images at the top of the page. I can create my own 'papers' and 'elements' or purchase them online ( is my favorite place to go). Once I've got all of my pages complete, I just need to upload them to an online photo printing place such as and they'll print my scrapbook! I LOVE IT!

Here are a couple of samples of other pages. I got the papers and such from Scrapbook Elements. Misty Cato is my FAVORITE designer there.

On the move

Well it's official... Wyatt is CRAWLING! He started about a week before he hit 7 months old. We've started to get some of the safety equipment out and have blocked off the office. He has a facination with the speaker wire and has gotten his hand spanked a couple of times. Not to worry, he's quickly learned "No, no, no!" and will usually stop what he's doing when he's scolded.

Let's see - what other milestones has he accomplished (there's been a few).

He started to wave bye on Monday. We were in the Hospital visiting my Dad (who is at home and doing very well! Feel free to shoot him an e-mail or give him a call). Dad waved to Wyatt and he grinned and started to wave back. It's adorable because he knows he doing something "big".

He can now go from laying down to sitting up. I'm very glad for this because he'd lay down and then get TICKED because he couldn't get back up.

We've been working with him and using sign language. Milk, hungry, more and dog have been our first signs. He'll someitmes sign dog (slap your leg like calling a dog) when Dharma is near. Just yesterday he signed Milk back to me when I asked him (and signed) if he wanted milk (open and close hand like milking a cow) and he repeated the motion. When I showed him the bottle his little hand REALLY started going as if to say GIVE ME THE MILK NOW MOM!!!!! I'm going to work on change (change diaper), bath, mom and dad next.

Wyatt got his first two teeth at 6 months of age. The top ones are on their way in and have been bothering him from time to time. I just with the darn thigns would come in already! UGH! He's a terror when he's uncomfortable and I feel so bad because there's not much I can do for him. I have found that popcicles seem to help, and he LOVES them. Mmmmmm... SUGAR! Ha!!!

Well I'm going to try and get some photos up for everyone to see sometime soon, and maybe a video clip or two.

Love you all!

Welcome Friends & Family

After several friends and family members have asked me for photos and updates on Wyatt and the family, I've decided to start another blog (and hopefully stay on top of things this time) for everyone to enjoy. I'll try to keep everyone both near and far updated on our most current happenings and Wyatt's newest accomplishments.