Monday, August 27, 2007

Puffs & Power Lines

Friday started off as any normal day, Adam and I went to work, Wyatt went to the sitters. After we all got home we went to Mariachi's in Wauseon for dinner with my parents. As we finished the storm started to roll in (it was really interesting, I wish I would have had my camera on me). We got to mom & dads and it started to dump rain, so we figured we'd hang out there. I fed Wyatt his dinner and then gave him is favorite.... FRUIT PUFFS! He's doing so well eating finger foods now and can get them into his mouth like a champ!

Shortly after Wyatt's meal mom and dad's phone rang. It was our neighbors calling because they couldn't find us -- our tree was on FIRE! Adam and I rushed home to find this...

The wind had nocked down our electrical pole and it was stuck in the tree. It continued to burn the whole time, off and on. No one lost power surprisingly.

We couldn't get in the house until Edison arrived, wich wasn't until 9:30ish. The firemen were great, they let us stay in the truck when it started raining again. They even offered us dinner (they ordered pizza from Mom's Diner).

Edison finally got done at 2:30am! I stayed the night with Wyatt at Mom & Dad's - Adam stayed at home to keep an eye on things.

The pole that went down was damaged about a mont ago when a drunk driver crashed into it at 2:30 am. Edison said they would come out and fix it, but never did. I'm betting if they would have done so the first time around, we wouldn't have had this problem!

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