Tuesday, March 29, 2011

3 x 6 Quilting Bee

I've signed up for another quilting bee through Flickr. This one is a 3 x 6 quilting bee. You have to complete 6 blocks in 3 months time and send them off to their respective owners. Each person gives you their color preferences and you make the same 12" block for each person, but use their color choices.

My "Bee Hive" consists of people from all over! California, Ohio, Utah, Sweeden and South Africa! Seriously how cool is that? My goal is to keep this up for 1 year and when it's over with I'll have enough blocks for a quilt top.

My color selection was a bit out of my norm. I'm one to pick neutral colors, something that will go in my very traditional looking home. However, I went rogue this time and chose ORANGE and AQUA. Below are some inspiration photos I shared with my Bee Hive.

I've decided to do a paper pieced block. I enjoy doing this method because my points line up every time, and my blocks always turn out the correct size. Here is the pattern I'll be using. Isn't it pretty???

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