Tuesday, April 10, 2012

It's been a while...

Boy oh boy has it been a while since I've posted. Almost an entire YEAR! I'm such a slacker.
My craft / sewing room is in shambles right now. Currently our home office is more of an office / vinyl cutting room / sewing & craft room. Yeah, and it's not all that big. So trying to make your way though the stacks of fabric, sewing supplies and such is not all that easy. Not to mention my 40 some rolls of vinyl and all the tools that go along with that trade. Something had to give...

So my son's old nursery is being converted into my new craft room. YEAH!!!

My inspiration came from THIS blog. I love the look of those cabinets... so off to Ikea I went. I have to say, that the quality of the cabinets the price is very reasonable. You just need to spend a little quality time with a stack of boards, a screwdriver and a hammer. But I really didn't mind and I've assembled everything by myself. Well okay, not entirely by myself, I had plenty of help from a more than willing 5 year old! :)

So here's some of the progress photos. My hubby is going to hang/mount all of the cabinets for me here soon, and then it's off to Lowe's to get the counter top ordered.

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