Monday, April 23, 2012

It's coming together...

Well I made some more progress on my craft room over the weekend. I still need to get the lower cabinets mounted and get a counter top, but I was able to start to move some things into the upper cupboards.
I was inspired by a pin on Pinterest to organize my wrapping paper a little better. There is a closet in this room used for storing seasonal items. I'm always tripping over stuff to get to my bin of wrapping paper, then dragging that downstairs so I can wrap gifts at my dining room table. Well, not any more!
IKEA was once again the solution to my disorganization. I used three BYGEL rails, 2 BYGEL baskets and some BYGEL containers and mounted them to the inside of the closet door. I can store my greeting cards, pens, scissors, tape, ribbon, to/from tags, paper and more all in one tidy little place. Plus, now that I have a counter top upstairs (well I'll have one SOON), I can just wrap my gifts up there! YEAH!!! The room is rather small, but I did want some type of artwork on the walls. Again, pinterest was the source of my inspiration, and IKEA was the solution.
I purchased three DIGNITET Curtain Wires and 2 packages of Curtain clips from IKEA (one pkg would have been enough). I mounted these on the wall, and am using them to hang my quilt blocks that are in progress. It not only serves as decor, but it's a reminder that I have a project to finish before I start on another!!! And my little artist wanted to hang some of his own artwork too, so I told him that the bottom wire was his to use any time he wanted to! He was so excited he ran to get some pictures to hang.

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